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Looking for short term car insurance?

Short term Quotes in Minutes


Why use short term car insurance?

Typically, car insurance coverage is for an entire year- with some insurers offering 12 month policy for the price of 10 months. But what if you need a temporary or shorter policy? For instance, you may want to borrow a mate’s car for few days, perhaps your mate comes round for the weekend and you guys are planning a long trip away whereby the driving task will have to be shared between you two.

It would be quiet expensive adding a named driver to your current policy or even jeopardise your no-claims bonus should he be involved in an accident during the trip and made a claim. Short term car insurance is your ideal solution to your dilemma because it’s a temp cover ranging between 1 to 28 days- so you avoid paying for more than you actually require.

Also, you can be rest assured that should any claims be made on the short term policy, it will not affect your own individual policy, your no claims bonus will be intact and you can enjoy the benefit of a cheaper policy.


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Where can I get cheap short term car insurance cover?

Short-term cover can be easily and quickly arranged by most car insurance companies here in the UK. All you need to do is apply by phoning your insurer or complete an online form and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can be covered- almost instant. It can as well be a convenient way for most motorists to drive away with their new car without the stress of rushing into buying an expensive car insurance cover.

One insurer that comes highly recommended for cheap quotes is eCar insurance. All you need to do is decide on the type of short term policy you need, then fill out the short form, and the rest is history.

You might also require a one day car insurance or even a pay as you drive insurance policy if you borrow a van to convey your belongings to a new house. Should your car not be big enough for the move.

Who can use a temporary car insurance policy?

Motorists within the ages of 18 to 75 years and with valid full UK or European driving licence can obtain cover from any insurer. However, some insurance companies do provide car insurance for young drivers- from 21-25 years  as their minimum acceptable cover for temporary car insurance.

In addition, you might find it difficult to also find coverage if you’ve racked up so many points on your licence, if you have an appalling claims history or if you’ve been convicted of any driving or criminal offence as you’ll be perceived to pose a major risk to the insurer.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to posses a valid licence although some insurers do offer protection to provisional license holders but at a premium rate. So don’t expect to have the cheapest car insurance quote when you approach any of them for cover.

Final thought on temporary car insurance

Short-term car insurance cover comes very handy when you’re teaching a relative or friend how to drive. As it will be inconceivable for you to include a learner driver to your policy thereby risking your no claims bonus in the process.

Some motorists do take out short term policy to cover their daughter or son who comes back home on holiday and wants to borrow the car.

Be extremely careful if you intend driving abroad with a short-term policy. Because your policy could end up turning into a basic cover- which is the bare minimum level of coverage especially when abroad. You might be able to convince your insurance company to arrange an European cover for you to drive within Europe and beyond but you will get charged a higher premium for this.

Cheapcarinsurancex.og has partnered with eCar.com to assist our customers find cheap and competitive short-term car insurance quotes as part of our obligation to ensure our customers obtain the best cover that meet their individual needs. You can now easily obtain monthly and weekly car insurance quotes in under 5 minutes now.


Short term Quotes in Minutes


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