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Green car insurance

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Go green with green motor insurance cover

The last decade has seen the steady rise of green companies purporting to offer environmentally friendly green car insurance policy that could save you money. So, does these policies really work and can motorists save money on their premiums from them?


The green car insurance company

Cheap Car Insurance X have partnered with the Green Car Insurance Company to provide you with cheap quotes on your quest for a green insurance policy.

This is part of a package that will help offset one tonne of your vehicle’s harmful CO2 emissions annually as you continue to insure with them.

They also provide guaranteed courtesy car with their comprehensive policy, as well as 90 days European travel as standard, should you embark on driving to a holiday hotspot within Europe.

Green insurance company predominantly specialises in insurance for vehicles with low emissions, so why not obtain a quote from them today. With no additional cost to you, it’s an easy way to make a significant difference to the environment.


Understanding green car insurance concept

Perhaps over recent times you may have come across Ibuyeco, The Green Insurance Company or one of many insurers that tailor their products and services towards motorists with with ethical inclination. Just what really sets them apart from one another?

In retrospect, these insurers provide schemes that help motorists offset their carbon emissions. With this facility, an examination is conducted of how much carbon dioxide (CO2) your car will emit during the year considering factors like: your type of fuel, your vehicle’s engine size and your mileage annually. Utilizing results from this examination, the insurance company then buys carbon credits from carbon offsetting projects all around the world- the more carbon emissions your car emit, the more carbon credits your insurer will typically buy.

However, these schemes can take a number of actions- they could be planting trees to conserve the rain forest, or recycling efforts, or any one of many variety of eco-friendly projects. A number of insurance companies will offset about 100% of your car’s emissions, while some will allocate a percentage of your premium towards these schemes. And other insurers that purport to be eco-friendly will issue a proportion of the premiums you pay towards one of many dedicated group of eco-charitable organisations.

As a result of an increasing popularity of green or eco-friendly vehicles and added emphasis placed on fuel emissions and consumption, lots of conventional motor insurance organisations are also providing green schemes to appeal to dedicated consumers. This could mean enjoying reduced premiums for driving a vehicle powered by an alternative fuel or paying more premium to offset your car’s emission.

Conventional insurance companies could be less expensive than the traditional green car insurance companies simply because funds are allocated to green projects. Consequently, it’s ideal to gain an overview of the market to investigate whether green incentives are really worth an additional contribution.

Comparison websites are most suited to this purpose. A good number of insurance companies offer great deals on-line because of the savings they make on overheads and by comparing quotes on-line you could be comparing deals from over 100 insurance companies in minutes. Additionally, majority of these sites also include green car insurance companies in their lists so you are able to compare their quotes with those of traditional insurers like for like.


Does green insurance policies really offer value for money?

It is imperative that you look beyond price alone and focus on value for your money’s worth- does the green insurance company provide the same level of protection that could be obtained elsewhere? Consider which policy features are of paramount importance to you and examine the terms and conditions of a policy meticulously as well as look for exclusions- these are situations in which the policy would not apply to you.

Green car insurance companies do come with massive benefits- one of which is that they offer reduced rates for driving cars built with alternative energy supply or varied method of fuelling- for instance, hydrogen-powered cars, bio-fuel powered vehicles, hybrid and electric cars. These specialist type of vehicles might be more expensive to insure with traditional insurance companies because their specialist parts may be more expensive to repair or replace.


How to save money and lower your green car insurance policy

What most drivers do not realize is that lowering their perceived risk of making a claim is the secret to lowering their car insurance premium quiet significantly- regardless of whether they opt for a traditional policy or green scheme. Adopting these few tips should bring your premiums down considerably:

Obtain your policy on-line: Buying a cover on the net will lower your environmental impact by reducing the amount of paper used- and it’s also where you can obtain cheaper policy because of a reduction in the insurers overheads.

Fit a security system: installing an alarm, tracker and immobilisers would lower your premiums as well as parking your vehicle in a garage overnight.

Pay up your premium annually: By doing this, you not only avoid unnecessary interest charges, you also avoid and eliminate monthly paper statements which is ideal for the environment.

Agree and adhere to a mileage limit: Not only can you reduce your premium by sticking with the agreed mileage, you’ll also be limiting the number of miles you drive annually which is good for the environment as well.

Increase your level of excess: Some insurance companies have a compulsory excess- the amount you must pay should a claim occur- and a voluntary excess, which is an additional amount you agreed to pay should a claim be necessary. Increasing excess will lower your premiums although it should be set at an amount you can reasonably afford.

 Get quote from The Green Insurance Company


So, why not get a green insurance quote today and consider the environment? Just click here! it takes only few minutes.



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