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Car insurance for women

Get quotes for cheap car insurance for women

Cheap motor insurance for women

Typically, car insurance for female drivers cost a lot lesser than men’s car insurance. The reason for this is because, according to statistics women are more less likely to be involved in an accident and they also make fewer motor insurance claims, consequently, insurers can reward them with cheaper premiums. Click here to get a cheap quote!

However, on the 21st of December 2012, a new ruling will come into force that prohibits insurance companies from determining how risky a policy might become through a person’s gender.

This is sad news for female drivers because the cost of their insurance premiums are most definitely going to increase in line with their male counterpart.

A recent research conducted by the Association of British Insurers revealed estimates that there will be a 20% rise in the cost of car insurance for women, while men will see theirs fall by about 10%. Women aged under 25 years are more likely to be affected by this premium increase.

Currently, there is an ongoing debate over if this is fair or not- but the vital point to put into consideration is that this ruling does not mean the end of cheap car insurance for women drivers. What it does unveil is that- it is of paramount importance for women to be informed about motor insurance and to compare quotes to obtain great deals- as some UK insurers offer cheaper deals than others so it’s always ideal to conduct an on-line comparison to ensure you have the best quote on offer.

How can Cheapcarinsurancex.org help you find cheap quotes on-line?

Through Quotezone’s panel of insurers, we are able to search over 90 insurers to compare motor insurance- and because we are impartial and independent, we unveil the best and one of the cheapest car insurance for women.

The unique ‘one click’ quote system from Quotezone means that you fill in one easy form, and you can see your quotes on-line- just within 4 minutes.

What next when I obtain my quotes on-line?

After filling your form, your quotes are displayed with the cheapest quotation at the top of the list, along with the details of each policy cover. Other covers like windscreen cover, compulsory and voluntary excess along with any special offers for women drivers are shown for you to compare your vehicle insurance at a glance. You could also obtain more information on all quotes, and purchase on-line or by phone.

Your quotations are then saved within your personal quote centre where you can adjust and review them at any point in time. Your details are remembered to enable you obtain your vehicle insurance quotes instantly.

Get quotes for cheap car insurance for women

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