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Multi car insurance

Get multi car insurance quotes!


Fleet car insurance quotes

Any individual operating a business that uses two or more vehicles on a public road must have an appropriate insurance policy for each vehicle. If your business owns two or more cars then, you will benefit from our multi car insurance discount provided by Quotezone’s panel of insurance when you compare quotes today.

The quotes covers two or more specified type of vehicles. One vehicle fleet insurance can cover different types of motor vehicles, cars, vans, 4×4 Jeeps, trucks or a range of varying types of motor cars at your disposal.

Multiple car insurance can be made up of cars used for social or commercial purposes- for instance, the conveying of passengers, products for hire or reward (haulage), transportation of own goods or other business uses. Specialist type of vehicles like cement mixers, plants, diggers, tractors, concrete pumps ambulances and taxis can also be included.

As with individual vehicle insurance, business and company fleet insurance is also available in third party fire and theft, comprehensive and third party only multi car insurance policy.

Multi car insurance: how does it work?

Basically, multi car insurance provide similar benefits as ordinary policy. However, the major difference is that you’re insuring more than one vehicle, typically from 2 cars upwards- and the more vehicles you insure the higher the discount. An instance would be- you could earn a 20% discount on 4 cars but 35% on 7 cars. Not all private cars are insured by every insurer, some insurance companies may only insure commercial vehicles while others just private cars. It’s good to find out from your insurer.

The insured can be family or friends, just as long as they are all living in the same address. You could insure your car and your wife’s car under one fleet car insurance policy- or perhaps you live amongst a group of friends and you would like to insure all vehicles. The vehicles can all have varying named and owner drivers as well as being able to select different levels of coverage and different excesses for each car.

Things to bear in mind when choosing multi car insurance policy

Always remember that multi vehicle insurance cover does not provide you with instant right to drive other insured cars within the multi vehicle policy. The only valid reason for driving any of the vehicles is if you are a named driver. So, do ensure that all information is accurate as you buy the policy.

All vehicles within the multi car insurance policy may not all have similar dates of renewal. Typically, you could easily set up the cover with one vehicle then another or even a third as the current policy expires. Lots of insurance companies will guarantee quote for subsequent cars just as long as there isn’t any modifications to the vehicle or change in circumstance.

If during the term of the policy you acquire a new vehicle, it is possible to get cover on the same policy- although the type of car you buy may change the price of your policy.

Can you save money on a car fleet insurance policy?

Insurance companies provide discounts when you insure multiple cars because it’s ideal for their business. However, it’s always imperative to compare with individual policies to ensure you’re getting a cheaper deal- car fleet insurance is not always cheaper than single policies. Typically, if one of the vehicles is a classic car, you would be better of obtaining a separate coverage from a specialist insurance company.

Past claims history and driving experience are two major factors that can determine your total premium. For instance, a motorist with previous history of convictions coupled with their young age is guaranteed to bump up the cost of the policy. While a driver with a no-claims bonus with a clean driving record would definitely bring the premium down.

It is imperative that terms and conditions of the no claims bonus is meticulously scrutinised before buying the policy. It’s equally ideal to ensure that if a named driver is involved in an accident, the no claims discount of other drivers are not affected in the group.

Monthly or annual payments- what is the best?

Fleet insurance might come out cheaper than ordinary policy, but the amount of vehicles within the policy makes it more expensive than your conventional motor insurance policy. As such, some motorists prefer to pay in monthly instalments instead of annually- always remember that insurance companies do charge an interest fee for monthly payment plans- no doubt the convenience comes at a price.

Cheapcarinsurancex.org has teamed up with Quotezone UK to provide multi car insurance cover as our major obligation to help customers discover the right policy for their individual needs.


Get multi car insurance quotes!

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