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Looking for convicted driver insurance quote?

Convicted driver insurance quotes

Car insurance for convicted drivers

If you’ve been searching for cheap car insurance for convicted drivers for sometime, you’ll notice that every vehicle insurance application form asks whether you’ve ever been banned from driving or have any other motoring convictions. Drivers with motoring convictions often discovers that their premiums are more expensive than would otherwise be the case. Obtaining cover can be extremely very difficult as well.

Our major obligation hear at Cheapcarinsurancex.org is to assist you in finding some of the cheapest quotes from leading UK insurers, irrespective of your current situation. There are also a number of steps you can adopt to lower the excruciating cost of motor insurance for drivers with convictions.

In this article we shall explain the reason behind the high cost of car insurance for convicted drivers and fill you in on actionable steps you can follow to make your cover as cheap as possible.

Why the high cost of convicted driver insurance?

Car Insurance’s underwriting is purely based on risk. Insurance companies structure their premiums based on the possibility of having to pay out on a claim. And if you’re a convicted driver, you are immediately perceived as a high risk proposition. Because you’ve been involved in trouble previously, they see that as an indication of you re-offending again in the future.

Insurers will back-up their claim with statistics proving that convicted motorists very often have a lot more convictions than what they claim and with the prospect of re-offending again, they are an increased danger of being involved in an accident and make a claim- this is one of the major reasons why convicted driver insurance is pretty high.

Avoid driving without a valid car insurance policy

If you have been rejected by insurers or perhaps confronted with massive premiums for convicted driver insurance, it can be tempting to drive without a valid car insurance policy. Do not bow to the temptation- it is a driving offence to drive without adequate insurance in place, and the law enforcement agencies are seriously clamping down on offenders under a scheme known as Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations.

Under the CIE scheme, registered keepers of vehicles must ensure that their cars are insured at all times- and driving is not the only means of being caught- it’s also an offence to keep a vehicle without it being insured unless the Driving Licence Agency (DVLA) have been expressly notified by means of a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)- that your motor is being kept off the road.

Most times when the DVLA and Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) fail to find a car in their vehicle insurance database, Advisory letter advising and warning them of their uninsured vehicle will be sent to the registered owners.

And if no action is taken by the keeper, then they could be fined with a penalty notice of £100, their uninsured vehicle could get clamped, seized and disposed off with a further prosecution in court and a risk of a £1000 fine.

These new deterrent measures are a combination of powers the law enforcement agents have to seize any uninsured car they come across as well as fining the driver or registered owners.

How to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers

It’s a well know fact that penalty points or conviction or endorsement on your driving licence can be the main reason for you paying higher premiums than an individual with a clean driving record or history. And that makes it even vital to adopt whatever steps necessary to lower your perceived risk profile in the eyes of your insurer to get cheap convicted driver insurance quotes.

Shop around for even cheaper quotes

This is a great way to obtain cheap car insurance for convicted drivers- when you shop around to compare quotes from several insurance companies then you stand a better chance of finding the cheapest car insurance possible.

Find insurers that reward good driving with cheaper premiums

Popularly becoming one of the most recognised method for lowering insurance premiums for cost-conscious drivers, some insurance companies now reward good drivers with cheaper premiums. This policy works by allowing a black box technology, sometimes called telematics to be installed in a vehicle. This device records practical driving pattern by monitoring your braking, speed, cornering and the time of day that you’re mostly on the road.

Every month, the insurance company will analyse the data transmitted by the black box to adjust your car insurance premiums accordingly. However, if your driving pattern indicate that of a risky motorist then your premium would be increased.

Get a vehicle within the lowest insurance groups

Every UK registered motor vehicle is allocated to an insurance group. With group 50 being the highest risk and group 1 being the lowest group risk. The main factors used by insurers to determine what group a car belongs includes; the value of the vehicle, performance capability, security levels and cost of repair. Visit our car insurance groups page to find out more.

And if you’re serious about saving money on car insurance as a convicted driver, you could choose a car within the lowest groups because the higher the group the higher your insurance premiums would be.

Fit approved and recognised security devices

One major problem most insurance companies face during a claim is theft. Once you’re able to prove that your vehicle is adequately secured with devices like alarm, tracking and immobiliser then you stand a chance of getting your premiums low- in addition to parking your vehicle in a secured garage over-night also helps.

Upon stating in your quote form the various security measures you’ve put in place, be sure to use them as you could get into trouble when you make a claim and it’s discovered that you did not take preventive actions described in your application form to secure the vehicle.

Lower your annual mileage

Insurance companies are of the view that the more miles you do the more you’re likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim. That’s why you’re asked your maximum annual mileage limit- choosing a lower mileage limit can also reduce your premium. And if you do go for a low mileage do stick to it to avoid complications should you make a claim afterwards.

Cheapcarinsurancex.org enable you compare great deals on offer via some of UK’s top leading motor insurance organisations to help you find the deal that best suits your current circumstances, in addition to any motoring convictions you may have. You can compare some or the best deals at Cheapcarinsurancex.org for free.


Convicted driver insurance quotes


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