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Car insurance quotes

How to get cheap car insurance quotes always

A huge percentage of UK population owns at least one or more cars. Year in year out motorists look for ways to save money on their car insurance premiums, by searching for cheap car insurance quotes on-line, yellow pages or by calling or visiting insurance companies and comparison sites.

Getting cheap motor insurance and discounts also implies having more disposable income for you and your household. Below are some of the most effective tips you can adopt to obtain cheap deals from insurers and save money on your next premium irrespective of whatever your circumstance is. Be warned- some are more extreme than anticipated!

Always shop around before settling for a quote

This is one of the most fundamental mistake I see motorists make when searching for new cheap car insurance quotes as well as when renewing their policy. People do not often have the patience to get more quotes from insurers, they settle for the first few quotes that come their way thereby paying excessive premiums and loosing out on cheapest insurance deals available.

Over the last ten years or so, there have been a significant increase in vehicle insurance comparison sites here in the UK. As a result, it is now easier to compare up to 100+ insurance quotes from various insurers by just filling one form. By using these comparison websites in the comfort of your home or office, you can be rest assured of paying cheaper premiums for your insurance premium.

Get your existing insurer to beat your newly found cheapest quote

After you’ve found the cheapest quote by way of comparison, there is no harm in asking your current insurer to beat your current quote. It’s either they decline or offer you a much cheaper quote. And when they do- it’s all good because you shave some money off your premium. There is no harm in trying.

You can compare cheap insurance quotes from over 67 low cost insurers here.

Avoid optional extras that don’t count

The volume of extras available to motorists in this day and age can often become overwhelming if adequate attention is not given to a particular add-on that is vital to our need. In actual fact not every extra is needed -they all cost money and can ‘bump up’ your insurance cost pretty high.

Besides, why pay for “free car hire” when you can obtain a free courtesy car whilst your vehicle is being repaired?

Install an approved security system

Most insurance companies offer reduced rate of premiums to vehicles with an installed alarm, immobilizer and tracker. These systems help to deter potential burglars and thieves from breaking into or stealing your vehicle. Insurers perceive vehicles with installed security systems to be less of a risk than vehicles without one- so they offer a cheaper rate of premium by way of incentive.

So, if you are serious about getting cheap insurance quotes then make it a duty to get an approved security system fitted today.

Consider a pay as you go insurance policy

If you don’t use your vehicle regularly then it’s inconceivable that you buy a 12 month policy. A pay as you drive insurance is an ideal alternative for saving you money because you only pay for the policy when you use the car. Unfortunately, not a lot of individuals are knowledgeable about pay as you go insurance policies. It is a great way to save money on your premium- and most insurers do offer this type of policy as well, all you need to do is just ask!

Some insurers like ‘Coverbox‘ and ‘insurethebox‘ install a device in your vehicle within 14 days of taking out the policy. This ‘Big brother’ device monitors how well you drive, what period of the day or night you drive, what average speed you do, type of roads you normally drive on e.g. motorway or local roads, how often you apply your breaks when driving and many more.

They do also give out incentives to their policy holders by rewarding good driving behaviour. Typically, you get added bonus mileage and discounted rate on your next renewal. These days, pay as you go insurance can be one of the cheapest car insurance alternative for motorists that do not use their vehicles over a period of 3-6 months of the year.

The green car insurance policy is another cheap alternative to consider if your willing to consider the environment by lowering your car exhaust emissions. The Green Insurance Company offers a package that offers to reduce 1 tonne of your vehicle emission throughout the year that you remain insured with them. This offer also includes: a free courtesy car with comprehensive policy and  90 days European travel.

Take an advanced driving course

It is amazing at how much you could be saving on your premium when you pass the advance driving course. As much as 35% could be shaven off your premium. Insurers perceive motorists with advanced driving certification to be of a much lower risk on the road hence the cheap quotes they offer them.

Apart from getting cheap insurance quotes for your car, you could also be saving lives with your newly acquired driving skills and the life you save might be even yours.

Avoid claiming if you can help it

To avoid claiming also means driving meticulously and staying safe on the roads while avoiding collisions at all cost. If you can maintain this for the duration of your policy then you’ll earn a no-claims bonus which would help you reduce your policy even further. Having a no-claim bonus will also entitle you to cheap insurance quotes from other insurers.

I personally have been driving for a number of years now and have racked up over 10 years no claims bonus till date. Where ever I go for quotes I get reduced rates partly because of the amount of no-claims bonus I put on the table as well as other minute factors like my age, model and type of car, my address or location and many more.

Park your vehicle in a garage

Your car is less likely to be stolen or broken into when parked in a secure place like a garage- this in turn minimizes any risk whatsoever and it’s less risky to insure. Consequently, you get discounted quotes for your vehicle for parking it in a safe and secure location.

Expand your search

Truth be told, not all vehicle insurance company appear on price comparison websites. Insurers like Direct Line insurance and Aviva do not appear on any comparison sites so you would have to approach them directly to obtain a direct quote from them.

This maximizes your chances of getting even cheaper quotes.

Obtain a multi- car insurance discount

Most times, there are often more than 1 vehicle in the household to insure. To obtain a great deal, insurers like Admiral, Kwikfit, Marks and Spencer, Green Insurance Company, Tesco, Aviva, Churchill, Privilege and Direct Line will offer you discounts if an individual is insuring two or more cars.

An ideal opportunity to save money on multi- vehicle insurance quotes. Don’t just take my word for it, shop around for the best quotes and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

Make full payment instead of monthly instalments

Insurers can charge you as much as 31.9% extra when you try paying off your premiums by monthly instalments. One way of averting this is to pay up the full premium once and for all, if you have the means. Otherwise you could pay it off with a credit card that charges 0% on purchases for the first 10-18 months. You will not be charged any interests until after the initial 10-18 months period- a sure way to lower your premium.

Source: moneysavingexpert.com

The above table from Money Saving Expert shows 14 UK insurers’ annual percentage rate (APR) on premiums paid on monthly basis. You’ll notice that First Direct insurance is the only insurance company not charging any interests for monthly premiums and Axa being one of the highest, charging as much as 32.5% on every customer that pays on monthly instalment rather than a lump sum.

If you are a new or a young driver looking for ways to save money, get up to speed with our vehicle insurance guide and save money on your policy by comparing 100s of quotes using Quotezone’s comparison engine for comparing cheap quotes.

First time drivers

Ways first time drivers can obtain cheap car insurance quotes

Insurers perceive first time drivers to be of a bigger risk on the roads than more experienced drivers. Consequently, to avert this risk, insurers charge a higher premium to protect themselves from future claims. Finding cheap deals for first time drivers is never easy. Hopefully with these few tips you can easily lower your premium quiet significantly within your first year of getting your first cover.

Get a smaller vehicle with smaller engine size

The type of car you drive can have an impact on your insurance premium. Bigger cars with larger engines attract bigger premiums while smaller engine sized car attracts way lower premiums. Because of the power that comes with bigger engine vehicles, it is more difficult to control than smaller cars. And are therefore more risky for first time drivers to be involved in an accident.

Use vehicle insurance comparison websites

Comparison websites are there to help you choose the right policy at the same time, to help you save money on cheap insurance premiums. All you need to do is fill out your details correctly and as soon as you hit the submit button, within seconds you are then given quotes and packages from a string of insurers to choose from. It really makes life easy and less stressful compared to the old way of obtaining cheap car insurance quotes from insurers. Most importantly, you can also get a reduced premium from insurers you least expect.

Take an advanced driving training- Pass Plus

With an advanced driving certification insurers are obliged to give you discounted premiums. So it’s a worth while investment on your part if you are serious about getting cheaper premium. Pass the exams once and you could be saving on your premiums for a life time. Think!

The pass plus is an additional course for new motorists that provides tuition in motorway driving and night driving. The Driving Standard Agency (DSA) designed it to enhance one’s driving experience. The pass plus will certainly reduce your premiums by up to 25%. It must be taught by an approved driving instructor (ADI).

Be a named driver on other policy

Being a named driver on the policy of a member of your family with significant driving experience can also help increase the chances of you getting a reduced premium.

However, one major disadvantage to this is the inability for you to build up your no claim bonus (NCB) over time. Insurers award NCB to only main drivers on policies and not named drivers.

Increase level of excess

The higher your excess the lesser your premium. But in the event of an accident whether it’s your fault or not, you would be expected to pay out the excess by your insurers before any repairs can be carried out on your vehicle. Increasing your level of excess can be an ideal way for getting a cheap quote.

Young drivers

Budget Car insurance tips for young persons

The main reason premiums are often high for teenagers and motorists under 21 years looking for cover is because of inexperience- on the part of drivers who are 17 and 18 years old. Most insurers perceive them to be a significant risk as they are more likely to be involved in an accident and make claims. As such, to mitigate against this risk, insurers bump up their premium as a safety measure.

However, this is not always the case though as even teenagers can also obtain cheaper quotes when they adopt these few tips and advice when searching:

It’s a well known fact- smaller vehicles cost less to buy, maintain and insure- thereby saving you a major headache overall. Cars are often grouped according to their capacity and power output. From group 1 to 50, with the least groups being more affordable and cheapest to insure. So before buying a vehicle always check the insurance group it belongs to in order to avoid exorbitant and unnecessary insurance costs.

The Pass Plus Exam has been organized by the Driving Standard Agency to test the ability of new motorists to help them become better drivers. To be eligible for this exam, you’ll need to hire an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to give you all the six training modules needed to pass the exam.

The cost itself tend to vary according to your location, the driving school or driving instructor you choose and how long it takes you to complete your training.

Premiums are calculated differently by underwriters from one insurer to the next. Therefore, quotes are going to be different from one individual to the next due to varied profile of motorists and their driving experience.

One way to take advantage of this is by comparing quotes from different insurers. This way you’ll be able to ascertain the cheapest deal or package for your situation. Avoid settling for the first quote that comes your way- a major mistake made by many.

Temporary car cover

Short term insurance cover

Looking for short term car insurance cover? Look no further, you’ve arrived at the right place. In collaboration with eCar- our major partners we are one of the leading temporary car insurance providers for UK registered vehicles only.

We provide temporary cover for both individuals and corporate drivers alike. Below are a number of short term policy we offer:

  • 1 day car insurance is for motorists looking for one day or daily cover for their cars- typically, it lasts between 1-28. As with other policy, this one can be downloaded instantly once your payment has been processed and the policy will be provided by the underwriters at eCar.
  • With our 1 month cover, motorists are able to obtain a one month policy that can be tailored to their individual requirement and circumstance. So flexible that you can always stop and start your policy month by month.
  • Our 6 months policy covers motorists for a six months duration. Ideal for individuals and businesses looking to save money on their premiums. Another flexible option for motorists.
  • Furthermore, pay as you go car insurance from eCar allows you to obtain cover as and when you want it, on a monthly basis and a monthly premium. With this option, you are able to buy cover 1 month at a time and then stop it when you do not require it. Another flexible way to save money on your policy.

Fleet cover

Multi- Car Insurance Policy

No doubt many individuals and businesses need fleet coverage to keep their operations running smoothly. Sole traders, electricians, builders, plumbers, Sky engineers, construction workers etc. all need good quality British fleet car insurance cover to protect their vehicles without having to pay ridiculous premiums.

Irrespective of whether your staff drives a car, van, minibus or even a truck for the everyday running of the business, it’s imperative that every vehicle is adequately covered against unforeseen risk. And that is where our fleet policy comes into place with the ability to save you money on your premium.




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